Web Design and Development

Forum Mechanics

We are specialized in forums development and communities management.

Our latest theme is Startaza, a responsive theme for SMF 2.0.15. It has a professional, clean layout, good for any community start up.

Demo: http://www.forummechanics.com/demo/smf/startaza/
Download: http://www.forummechanics.com/download/smf-themes/Startaza.zip

Sketchzoo theme for all the artists out there

Do you manage a community about web designing, photography, architecture, arts in all their forms? If your forum is built with SMF, the free software from Simple Machines, then you can use Sketchzoo.

Sketchzoo is a responsive theme for SMF 2.0.X. It has a neat layout in a gray scale which emphasizes the images posted by the members rather than distracting visitors with a colorful layout.

A wide range of interesting features and settings are all to be discovered once installed!

Demo: http://www.forummechanics.com/demo/smf/sketchzoo/
Download: http://www.forummechanics.com/download/smf-themes/Sketchzoo.zip

Sketchzoo Theme